What’s The True Value Of Social Media When Targeting B2B Leads?

Chaos would be the best word to describe the economic turn of events following Facebook’s IPO. More and more news outlets are decrying the value of the social networking site and declaring its value is all hype. Meanwhile, defenders of Facebook are also beginning to raise their voices saying that its value is being wholly misunderstood. In fact, their argumentation not only applies to Facebook but to all social media in general.

However, don’t you think the latter has a point? Despite criticisms against its advertising platform, Facebook’s value for businesses and marketing groups still retains considerable support. Why? Because like all innovative forms of communication, social media has become another means of engaging prospects in a world that’s becoming more driven by information and quick access to it.

That engagement is critical to the exchange that businesses need to really to figure out what their market needs and how they can provide for it. In fact, some CRM software companies are already making applications that involve the use of social media.

Speaking of which, why not consider them as an example of why engagement is important? Don’t just focus on how CRM solutions help the connection between business and customer. Focus also on how CRM software firms need to engage their own market in order to successfully generate software sales leads.

As stated above, social media advertising is not even the whole of social media and Facebook itself doesn’t automatically determine the whole value of the medium either. There are plenty of other sites where companies engage in social media activities in order to increase online exposure and establish presence on the world wide web. The amount of information that one gets from communicating on these sites is comparable to that of other communication methods such as phone, direct mail, and even email. You also get to talk and connect with fellow experts, furthering the exchange of ideas and realizing that information is now the main value driving the business world.

But take note, like all means of communication, it’s far from infallible. Information helps but there are still limitations when you’re just sticking to one medium. Not everything you see on a social network profile is going to be 100% accurate. Decision makers also have a tendency to be somewhat fickle in how they’d like to communicate. They may have assigned a particular purpose for each different channel and failure to be flexible could lead to a difficult exchange.

Hence, it’s important to not only acknowledge the value of social media but also when and where that value ends. In fact, that’s what it means to really grasp the true value of any approach: you have knowledge of both its advantages as well as its flaws. Don’t be afraid to incorporate other methods in order to complete the picture of your prospect. Full engagement transcends all mediums and focuses on what’s important: communication and information.

This isn’t much of a secret either. Plenty of lead generation services (from online marketers to telemarketing companies) are trying to mix and match other means of communication in order to see which one will advance the quality of their services. Social media is one of them but first, you need to really grasp its total value.

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