Best Digital Marketing Solutions in Houston

The internet has given a new phase to the world that is digital marketing.This is making everything possible and valuable to business entrepreneurs to operate a business and grow it with online promotion. For this, you require the most advanced and favorable knowledge of marketing to apply necessary solutions and develop in every way. As … Read moreBest Digital Marketing Solutions in Houston

Cost of Mobile App Development

Your trusted mobile app experts. You don’t have to be technology savvy. Your ideas, our technology expertise.We take your ideas from concept to launchWe assist you in post launch maintenance and marketingYou can also Hire developers, Testers, Designers and Marketers on need to basis to form your virtual project team.Vaayoo can take your idea from … Read moreCost of Mobile App Development

Important Considerations for Salesforce.

It is only recently that Salesforce published a blog giving details regarding the type of companies that are making use of CRM solution the most. The fact remains almost every type of companies spanning across different niches and industries are making use of CRM platform for their business. Most of the companies having Salesforce implemented … Read moreImportant Considerations for Salesforce.

Things we take for granted!

here are many things we take for granted. health Dear people, The roof over your head, The tools we have available, etc. One of the main reasons why this happens is the lack of attention. Attention to see what surrounds us. Attention to understanding what value everything we have. If we take something simple like, … Read moreThings we take for granted!

Digital fasting!

Fasting is a very old and healthy physical practice where the individual does not feed voluntarily for a certain time (usually 8-16 hours). This practice has innumerable benefits for body and mind. What does not benefit and so much attention anyway is “fasting” to many other activities which from time to time need the same … Read moreDigital fasting!

What do you tolerate? A Crm Think-tank.

Determining what you want is worth it. Knowing where you are going is worth it. Knowing your personal ambitions is worth it. What is probably worth even more than the above is, knowing what you are willing to tolerate. In one of his famous expressions, Tony Robbins says, In life you will get what you … Read moreWhat do you tolerate? A Crm Think-tank.

A mistake many entrepreneurs make …

In business this phenomenon is common and more ventures fail than almost anything else. An entrepreneur, after starting his / her business, finds it easy to fall in love with what he / she has built. A special kind of pride comes with building something from scratch. The problem with this is that love for … Read moreA mistake many entrepreneurs make …

A difficult concept to understand.

If you have encountered a difficult concept to understand or a difficult problem to solve, often times the solution lies in distribution. Distributing responsibility to other competent people who can help further resolution or understanding. Asking the same question to competent people has great value. For example, if we encounter a health problem to solve, … Read moreA difficult concept to understand.

7 Factors To Evaluate CRM For Financial Services

Before making a decision as to which CRM program to go with, you have to consider a few factors- 1. 360 degree view of the customer2. Tracking buying behaviour3. Intelligent marketing/cross selling campaigns4. Auto alerts and reminders5. Collaboration capabilities6. Size and scope of your business7. Integration with other systems 360 degree view of the customer … Read more7 Factors To Evaluate CRM For Financial Services

What is CRM and How Can it Help Recession Proof Your Business?

Customer relationship management (CRM) can be described as the art or science of using information to find, acquire and retain customers. It covers a wide range of people, processes, and technology questions associated with marketing, sales, and service. CRM actively deepens the knowledge you have of your customers to meet individual customer needs. It provides … Read moreWhat is CRM and How Can it Help Recession Proof Your Business?